Travelling around every nook and corner of the emirate of Ajman is no big deal, as this emirate is the smallest in the country. Ajman is centrally located along the western coast of UAE and falls on the gulf coast. A place, where you can enjoy tranquillity combined with fun. What could be more pleasing than this wonderful mix? Visit the emirate of Ajman to keep off the hustle bustle of a busy city life. Discovering places on your feet has its own charm, which is very much possible here in Ajman. Besides, a trip to Ajman would surely not pinch the pocket, which is one of the amazing facts about the emirate. Ajman lies no far from the emirate of Dubai, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. All the emirates have great connectivity to each other which is the best part of the country.  Now, coming to tourist attractions of the Ajman, the land boasts of many spots like beach side resorts as well as lavish hotels, parks, forts, beautiful mosques, museums, restaurants and shopping complexes. Further, the emirate of Ajman has recently faced many developments and the developing phase is growing rapidly almost at par with the other emirates. Moreover, the emirate of Ajman has also recognized itself as a major business centre.

Places of Interest

The Corniche
Like other emirates, the corniche and beach side of Ajman are filled with much engaging activities. The weather at the beach side is suitable for spending a good time. The Corniche holds many shopping options such as gold souk, souks cum designer shops and a variety of both traditional and fast food restaurants and cafes. Some of the traditional restaurants on the beach side showcase their folk dance to enhance the charm of your meal. To add more essence of traditionalism, hook yourself in the shisha corners to enjoy the taste of Arabian culture and gaze at the stunning corniche view. More interestingly, get a chance to spot dolphins which are popular and common off the coast of Ajman.

Ajman Fort
Ajman fort is definitely an architectural marvel. So, when in Ajman, experience the feeling of being in a mansion. The fort was built in the late 18th century, but shelled by the British warships. At some time in the past, the fort was also home to the ruling families of Ajman. The fort is often described as the citadel of Ajman. Materials like Coral stones of the sea and gypsum have been used, whereas for the ceiling, special tree trunks were imported from East Africa. The fort has a huge arc made of honey coloured sandstones on top of its beautifully decorative gates.

Al Zorah Nature Reserve
The natural mangrove forest at Ajman’s Al Zorah is worth a visit especially if you want to go bird watching. It is here that you might be lucky enough to spot a pink flamingo. It stretches over two square kilometres of wetland and has about 58 species of birds that can be spotted anywhere at the reserve starting from the lagoons to the marine zones to even the mangrove. Al Zorah natural reserve deserves a special mention as it extends over a 7km waterfront. It has a beautiful sand beach and lies in proximity with the Arabian Gulf Sea. Other attractions at the Al Zorah reserve: creeks and clear lagoons.



The Ajman Arabian horse Stud Farm
In the Ajman Arabian Horse Stud Farm, you’ll get to see a handsome collection of Arabian horses of the world. The horse stud farm is owned by HH Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman. People especially with an interest in horses and their breeds should definitely visit!

The Hassa Buweid Castle
This spectacular castle is made of white coloured stones and so has been named Hassa Buweid by the late Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi in 1976. Visit the castle to particularly come in touch with the historical heritage of the Emirate of Ajman. Essentially a square tower with two rooms similar, the castle is built in the same fashion as others were established during that time.

Al Manama Museum (Al Mareer Fort)

This fort which has been declared a museum in 2012 too came up at the time of the late Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi. The mechanics of the fort are notably interesting. The fort by Palm trees that surrounded the fort were irrigated man-made water channels or Al Manama Falaj that relied on water from mountain tops where the water would collect from rainfall. You can also have a look at the seven distinguished rooms the fort has along with a yard and a guard’s tower.

Ajman Museum
Yet another brush with UAE’s history would be found at Ajman Fort. The fort speaks scores of UAE’s history as it reflects the exploits of ancestors, being the first line of its defence and also represented political authority in the emirate. Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Supreme Council Member and ruler of Ajman gifted this fort to the people of the UAE after converting it into a museum. Artefacts, paintings representing erstwhile way of living and antiques make it the perfect museum for a historical ride.

Dhow Yard
Interested to see how traditional construction of a dhow (or boats) is done? Visit the dhow yard then which is known to be the largest boat building yard in the world with over 30 boats being housed every day. The method of construction of these boats has been carefully passed down from generation to generation and is exclusively of Arabic origin. What is amazing is that the art of making does not have any blueprint. Workers have a blueprint in their brains. Of course, you can also see the modern speed boats being built at the yard which are sent for events like the Dubai speed boat race.

China Mall
China mall can be a heaven to those who are shopaholics with good bargaining skills. The mall essentially trades Chinese-made products, for good deals. The shopping centre is divided into four halls comprising shops for garments, accessories, textiles, household items, jewellery, fashion accessories, toys, crafts, electronics, hardware, and tools as well as some eating outlets. No wonder the mall has always attracted countless visitors.

Although Ajman is the smallest of all the emirates yet it has given plenty of reasons to tourists to pay a visit. Especially, the emirate of Ajman is blessed with peace along with several leisure activities. It is truly a small land with big surprises.