Sharjah is considered as the third densely inhabited Emirate. Not only is it elected as the capital of Islamic culture of the UAE but also it is known to be one of the ultimate preservers of traditional values.
Above all, Sharjah also becomes prominent for treasuring its local history in several museums and also possess the best artistic work. That is why the emirate of Sharjah reflects the more of Emirati customs.

However, being rich in Islamic values and traditions it does not leave the development on the back seat. It is no less than the other emirates when it comes to progress.
You will find many contemporary developments and means of entertainment like the pristine corniche sides, shopping centres, traditional souks, lakefronts, water sports, modern buildings and hotels at beautiful locations, spick-and-span parks and gardens, various eateries, and the definitely magnificent mosques. In Sharjah you will get to see the eye of emirates (Ferris wheel). It would be a lucky trip for a sport lover, if you get a chance to witness an international match in the Sharjah stadium, as it has been a ground to roughly 200 international cricket matches.  Sharjah offers a lot to make an expedition memorable.

Some Attractions of Sharjah

Al Qasba
Al Qasba needs a special mention, as it holds the charm of Sharjah tourism, comprising many light-hearted activities. All sorts of new up-to-date entertainment plans, cultural and leisure attractions built on the local values and traditions are available here.
It would be a glorious break for you to celebrate the Ramadaniat Al Qasba ‘event in the month of Ramadan to experience the real sense of Arabian hospitality. On this particular holy month of Ramadan, you will be delighted to experience a complete ancient world of Arab tradition, culture, and a variety of delicacies. During this holy period Al Qasba’s rich portfolio also consists of promotion plus free shopping vouchers at Al Qasba’s restaurants, cafes and entertainment facilities. There are more for the visitors. For instance, every Friday of the blessed month, the sky gets lighted with 10 remarkable fireworks. An Islamic lecture tent ‘Eiman Oasis’ welcomes all believers, where you can listen to the scholars on the know-how of Islam. The occasion is the right option for those who want to have a closer look at the Islamic customs.

Al Hisns
Basically it is a fort converted into a museum, where the local history echoes within the walls of the two–storeyed garrison. Therefore, when visiting the old Sharjah, do, discover the Al Hisns museum to make a new round of memories from the Arabian preserved memories. The fort itself stamps a masterwork of the ancient Arab architecture.

The Sharjah Art Museum
What could be better than this for a literature and art enthusiast? Set your feet in the Emirates’ biggest art museum of Sharjah and enjoy the most out of it. The grand Art Museum also has a facility for both temporary and permanent exhibitions. The museum displays collections of Oriental painters, modern artists and even works of artists from the Arab world. Several other exhibitions and related activities also take place at the venue. What is more fascinating is the floor of the museum which is covered with natural coloured carpets while the corridors and ceilings are embellished with gypsum work. A library with over 4000 titles in both Arabic and English languages as well as audio-visual tapes on fine arts and art related subjects is setup, with a provision for a reading room and a research corner for the visitors. The library also has an internet connection for one’s convenience. The museum has rest rooms and well-resourced cafeterias for its visitors too.

Expo Centre
The Gulf got its first trade fair centre in the emirate of Sharjah in the year 1977. The expo centre has organized all the grand events such as the Sharjah International Book Fair. It is a much preferred venue for many international exhibitions, conferences and events. The expo centre remains in demand all-round the year.

The Discovery Centre
A children’s museum might not seem fun until you know it is much more interactive than others and is the right blend of entertainment and learning. Discovery Centre is one such museum that promotes science and technology among children up to the age of 13 years. It is one of the most amazing museums in Sharjah. You can find refreshments here as well as a children’s supermarket, recording studio and bank.

The Souqs (Souks) of Sharjah
On and behind the Corniche Road in Sharjah, you can find the stretch dotted with several Souqs. What to look out for? The Blue Souq (named as a result of its unusually designed blue vault ceiling) is the largest in Sharjah. Don’t miss a visit to this central souq. Brimming with the ethnic culture, this Arabian market has almost 600 stores. It has two floors and the top floor is lined with electronic items, garments, cosmetics and so on. The ground floor, meanwhile, has a lot of gold and precious gem stone jewellery for you to choose from. The show stoppers are of course Omani and Yemeni ornaments. At the Al Arsah, Blue Souq, Iranian Bazaar and Al Majarrah Souq, you should definitely get some of the most authentic jewellery, Middle Eastern souvenirs, Oriental carpets, or even the modern electronic items. There is also an area in Sharjah called ‘Rolla,’ and if you are a shopaholic then you should definitely visit here to do endless shopping. The catch is that the place is famous for its reasonable offers.

Ferris wheel of Sharjah
What have you explored, if you have not taken a ride on the giant Ferris wheel of Sharjah? Popularly known as the ‘eye of the emirates,’  you would be surprised to know that the gigantic wheel consists of 42 air-conditioned cabins and stands 60 metres tall above the ground as well as holds the capacity to carry 336 passengers at a single go. The ride is not only worth for its gigantic structure but makes you feel on top of the emirate. Besides, you also can view the beautiful landscapes, the water bodies and also the neighbouring emirate Dubai.

The Sharjah Fountain
Do you know the emirate of Sharjah is home to the biggest fountain of the Gulf? It is listed as one of Sharjah’s top attractions. You can enjoy a combination of lasers, light works, video, audio and movements of the world-class fountain by sitting at the restaurants’ and cafes’ rooftop areas which are facingtowards the fountain. This would surely fetch a cheerful smile on your face.

For tourists who want a magical getaway with some splurges here and some cultural taste, then the Sharjah is the perfect place to go to. Luxury, leisure and breath-taking scenic beauty beckon you to the laps of Sharjah.