Dubai, the epitome of a luxury gateway, has with its bewitching beauty set many astounded. When it comes to its geographical dimensions the western side of the Emirate faces the Arabian Sea whereas, the southern part shares the desert followed by western Al Hajjar Mountains bordering Hatta Oman.

Dubai is famous for its surreal liveliness in lights – a land which glitters after the sun set. It has also got the busiest and vivacious airport. But wait until you see the extraordinary high-rise buildings and infrastructures which are the real jewels of the place. Generally, all new market concepts are first implemented by the United Arab Emirates. For instance, Dubai alone has the world’s one and only seven star hotel – the Burj Al Arab, also Dubai’s JW Marriott Marquis has recently set a Guinness world record for being the world’stallest hotel,and the Dubai mall which is the world’s largest. It is a known fact that the Middle East has gained fame for creating world class infrastructures like the floating bridge, and the under-sea tunnel, to name a few. These architectural inventions set an example of innovativeness at its peak in the current era and Dubai has it all. The roads are well planned and safe with great connectivity and are well monitored by radars. The best bit is that the place upholds a high level of cleanliness.

Now, when thinking of an exotic Dubai, the first thing that comes into mind is the world’s tallest tower the Burj Khalifa – and why not! It should be just that when it has for long attracted countless viewers from all over the globe. If you thought that the exterior was breath-taking then you would be blown away by the interiors. Worked on by award-winning designer Nada Andric, the interiors are chic and definitely more than pleasing to your eyes. The rugs you’d see are handmade, the pieces of art that adorn the walls of the skyscraper are made by Middle Eastern and international artists. A harmonious blend of modern architecture and Middle Eastern culture has been reached within the walls of this magnificent tower. You can experience the awesome feeling of being closer to the sky by standing on its observatory deck.

Then comes the exotic Palm Jumeirah, ‘the man-made island ‘which deserves a special mention. It is luxury at its best. The palm island has numerous porch commercial,residential and entertainment setups.  What you should not miss here is The Lost Chambers Aquarium. It’s massive, it’s beautiful and it’s exotic. Why? Because, it has interactive shows for spectators, and is home to exotic sea creatures like eels, sharks and seahorses.

Mall lovers can actually enjoy their time a great deal by shopping at the Dubai mall which is the largest in the word.The famous musical dancing fountain is located none other than the Dubai mall.
 Fantastic structures and perfect places to shop are available, where not only can they enjoy shopping but they can also enjoy watching underwater life like sharks in these beautifully vast and regally blue aquariums. While at The Corniche, you could also try Marina Mall which not only has an ice skating rink but also has an observatory. Your time will definitely be well-spent.

There are various world-class cuisines of different countries to be relished. You can find the aromas of flavourful cuisines available in almost all the corners of Dubai and with an amazing ambience. Not to miss out the beautiful Dubai creek, which is called as the heritage of the place, therefore a dhow cruise experience and savouring the mouth-watering gastronomical food can give nothing less than a wow feeling.

Dubai has never ending points of interest like Skydiving and water sport activities, yacht ride, the most watched camel racing, and night life is lively here with famous clubs, lounge and beach side clubs. Other beautiful man-made creations like the corniche view, lush parks and lot many has led the country to rank 4th position in tourism world over.

Dubai is not just a hub for luxury hotels and shopping, much of its history can also be rediscovered in the Dubai Museum, which would fascinate history lovers, located in the oldest existing building, Al Fahidi fort. It is just the place to discover how Dubai transformed from a Bedouin village to the global hub for commerce as it is today.

While visiting, you can also take a round of the Gold Souk. Dubai is also known for low-cost gold. You can find genuine gems here as a result of tight government norms on the quality of the merchandise here. You can shop for diamond and platinum too here.
What's more, the country is also blessed with heart-stirring scenic beauty. For instance, the ethereal glimpse of the sunrise; it's almost as if the sun is making its way out of the sand dunes. While, on the other hand, sunset lovers can witness the sun sinking in the Arabian Sea.

If you thought that's all that Dubai has to offer then here's more: the incredible desert safari expedition is a must try, and of course the belly dancing is pretty famous - an icing on the cake - you should not miss it for anything. This is exactly why you should not miss it: you get to see eagles at their regal best during your desert safaris when at Dubai. If you are lucky and mostly you do get lucky then you get to have them perch on your shoulder or arm while somebody captures that awesome moment for you. Now, some might just miss that overwhelming experience but then again, you can recreate that experience at certain malls which do have eagles on display for the same purpose of petting. However, it is only the desert safari which would make your regal eagle moment picture perfect, don’t you think?
Not to forget, you haven't tasted the charm of Dubai in the real sense until you have tasted the dessert of the desert - yes, it's the delicious dates.

No doubt Dubai awes its visitors with its glamorous appearance, its skyscrapers, great hospitality and technologically advanced environment. What still remains intact, though, is the essence of Sacredness which is almost alive at every nook and corner of the place. The beautiful mosques stand proof of not just the spiritually charged atmosphere but also of the beautiful work of artisans and architects.
Intricate works, regal domes and what not make Dubai a visit incomplete without visits to at least one of these intricately designed places of worship such as, the Jumeirah mosque. Conglomeration of both modern and traditional world, Dubai has become the preferred destination for millions.
You'll find an ideal retreat here because it is just the right blend of fun and relax.