Fujairah is the fifth largest emirate in the UAE. It is also known for experiencing higher rainfall than other emirates. So, to keep away from the sweltering weather could be one reason, for Fujairah being an escape for many. While on the other hand, it also offers a much needed break to break the humdrum life. Fujairah is sure to be a delightful travel experience, where residents of other emirates get a scope for long drives and flaunt their racing skills. In other words, one visits Fujairah for something more than just as part of tourism – it is more than that, it is different. Moreover, in the emirate of Fujairah you’ll find yourself amidst nature; the landscape surrounded by the deep blue Indian ocean, mountains and of course the ‘SAND’- its actual identity. Like other emirates, it too has the same kind of backdrops yet guarantees an exceptional experience. It is almost similar to the belief that goes: “god’s creations look new every day.” The beautiful scenery will simply make you exclaim in awe.

You’ll find Fujairah’s land is mostly filled with mountains unlike other emirates, while, all the others are largely covered with the blanket of sands. Water sports are pretty famous amongst both locals and its visitors. Examples of water sports are jet skis, windsurfing, water-skiing and diving.  The place doesn’t only boast of water sports but is also famous for its best hiking spots. Camping on the black coloured dunes of Fujairah or having a bonfire feast near the seafront is a favourite among many. Fujairah’s local markets and eateries can be explored on a shoestring. Just taking a walk around the market areas by sipping some Arabic tea, would create a different experience altogether.

When planning for Fujairah, you must visit Masafi’s Friday market (daily market), quite famous for reasonably priced rugs, where you can even bargain the price. The Friday market in Masafi is just 20 minutes’ drive from Fujairah. You’ll also find earthenware products, antiques and local handicrafts as well as fresh fruits and vegetables in the market.

Attractions of Fujairah

Fujairah Fort

The fort was built in 1670, and in the early 20th century got badly damaged by a British attack. Fujairah fort is the oldest in the United Arab Emirates, it has served dual purpose as a defensive building and a home for the ruling family. For many centuries it was the only stone building along the Fujairah coast. Built in 1670, the fort segregated into three parts, namely, two round towers, few halls and a square tower. It survived the damage from a British attack in the early 20th century and has been fully restored now. Interesting sights include the Al-Yazrah irrigation system, restored old houses and exhibits reflecting traditional life among many others.


Make sure you plan a tour to Fujairah on Friday, bull-butting is something you cannot let go in your trip. Bull-butting takes place on Fujairah corniche, on an open and flat stretch of dusty, bare land every Friday.  You’ll witness two giant bulls locking horns or ‘bull sumo’. This ancient sport has attracted numerous viewers.

Al Badiyah Mosque

A mosque, made up of mud and stone, believed to be 500 years old and still hosts daily prayers. Interesting? The historic mosque has also been awarded the excellence certificate by global travel website TripAdvisor. The mosque is a must-see which reflects one the histories of the region.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque
The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the second largest in the UAE, after the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi. The enormous mosque has a prayer hall, which accommodates 32,000 worshippers. Its white facade has made it one of the city's major landmarks.

Wadis, or dry riverbeds (also broadly referred to as valley oases), are one reason you should visit Fujairah. You can indulge in hiking here or even take a four-wheel-drive in the wadis. Don’t miss Wadi Mai, Wadi Saham, and Wadi Siji. For a good mountainous adventure visit Wadi Al Tawain. For an elaborate hike visit Wadi Ham which is the longest valley. But if you love waterfalls then definitely visit Wadi al-Wuraya located north of Fujairah.

Fujairah Museum
Down south of Fujairah Fort, the Fujairah Museum is also a tourist spot you can visit. Check this place out for artefacts from as early as the Bronze Age. You can actually look at pottery, soapstone vessels, weapons and pre-Islamic silver coins here. Main attraction: a 2200-year-old bowl made from ostrich egg.

Once you step into the emirate of Fujairah, you’ll be engrossed into an array of leisure activities. If you are in Fujairah, then you must plan a picnic in any of its eye catching scenery, to make the most of your trip.